The COGA Committee

1978- 1982 , 3rd form – 7th form
Deputy Head Girl 1981
Prefect 1982
COGA Chairperson

Kristine Boxen

My years at Corran are full of fond memories. Great friendships were formed that remain to this day and my interest in the Sciences was kick started with the influence and guidance of teachers such as Mrs Allen and Mrs Percy. I was in the Marsden (red) House and remember the intense competition each year to get the most house points. My two optional subjects were typing and French that actually held me in good stead with the advent of computers and my O.E.

Thirty years have passed since I left Corran. Surely it can’t be that long?? During this time I obtained a BSc from University of Auckland and have worked at a number of research institutes both in NZ and overseas. Currently I’m employed at the University of Auckland.

On reflection one of my joys was to become a lifelong member of the Corran Old Girls Association. Each visit to the school is nostalgic and being a member has enabled me to enjoy the schools heritage and be a part of its legacy.

Teacher 1981- 2009
Statistician and Archivist 1997 – 2009
COGA Secretary

Jan Shaw

I started at Corran School as the Mathematics teacher in October 1981 to replace Alison Galloway who was leaving to have a baby.

I was appointed by Mrs Birnie Allen but stayed at Corran throughout the terms of the 3 principals who succeeded her – Mrs Gillian Eadie, Mrs Jacqueline Scorgie and Mrs Sally Dalzell.

I taught French as well as Mathematics for several years and did the timetable.

From about 1997 I began a part time position as statistician and archivist. I was involved with the Corran Old Girls at the 50th Jubilee and have been on its committee since then.

Student 1982 – 1990
COGA Treasurer

Vicky Spalding

I started at Corran in Standard 3 and graduated from Corran in the 7th Form in 1990.
I’m an Archivist working for the Auckland Council Archives.





COGA committee 2008 – 2009

Susan Benedek Rooney

Profile information to come.

1954 – 1962
Prefect 1961
Head Prefect 1962

Colleen Coffey-Looker (nee Franklin)

I started Corran in Mrs Duthie’s Orakei Road home; I remember the excitement of moving to 514 Remuera Road in the third term of my first year I remember how each year a class was added to accommodate the big girls moving up a year and I remember when a little girls’ school metamorphosed to big girls school and Corran became a secondary school.I remember the sadness when Mrs Duthie our founder and first head mistress retired due to ill health and I remember the infinite respect that developed for Mary Macky as Corran School’s second head mistress. I remember small classes, caring teachers even one or two eccentric ones. I remember raincoats on Wednesdays, playtime in the gardens, swimming at the Parnell Baths and the little girls who became women and friends for a life time. I remember the pride of becoming a prefect and ultimately Head Girl, I remember the wrench of leaving school, but the satisfaction of being involved with the formation of the Corran Old Girls Association.

Corran is in my soul – being a Corran girl set the foundation of who I became – being a Corran Old Girl is as important to me now as it was the day I left school nearly 50 years ago. It is with pride that I re-join the COGA committee.

Student 1951-1960

Cath Syme

I am a returning member of the COGA committee. In the 1970s and early 80s I was an formative member of COGA, first as secretary and later organising regular balls, picnics and fundraising events. After a year at Auckland Business College, my career in the travel industry took off, and was followed by extensive travelling, ending up in Toronto, Canada in 1983 after marrying a Berliner. I lived in Belfountain, Ontario until 1989 when I returned to NZ. In 1995, I remarried and became the Music Secretary at the University of Auckland School of Music, retiring in 2009.

“Catherine and Darien (Takle)” are remembered by many of the foundation girls as entertaining before class with their plays and ukekleles. While Darien pursued a career as a professional actress, I continued my love of the stage by joining Howick Little Theatre in 1975, and have appeared on its stage in over 30 roles since then. Corran gave me a firm foundation in those areas in which I am still very active; music, writing, theatre and art and my years there were happy, fulfilling and memorable. I now enjoy retirement with my Fine Music On Tap enterprise, arranging live classical concerts and presenting Musical Chat in retirement villages. I also work casually at NZ Historic Places Trust Alberton, and have spent the last 3 years editing Gaudeamus, The Foundation Years publication, along with the Foundation Committee.

Andrea Hardy nee Campbell
Student 1985-1989, Form 1 to Form 6

Andrea Hardy (nee Campbell)

My daughter does not believe me when I tell her that I loved going to high school and was gutted to leave at the end of Form 6. While I was not an A+ student, I was proud of my achievements, in particular coming second in English in my sixth form year. My passion was sport. I played netball, tennis, badminton, swimming and athletics and was “runner up to champion” every year (my legs simply weren’t long enough to beat a certain unnamed speedster in red running shoes!) and my sporting highlight was being named Marsden House Captain in Form 6.

So many memories with so many “firsts” for the school at the time – the new hall and classrooms, school productions with Dilworth, school discos, trip to Brisbane World Expo in 1988 and the first ever Senior Ball celebrating Bastille Day in July 1989.

Since leaving school, I worked in the hotel industry in New Zealand and in London, before finding my passion in Recruitment and Human Resources. I am now GM – Human Resources for a large sales and distribution company.

I am married with two children, Emma and Joshua. A step-daughter, Laura Sutherland-Hardy, went to Corran in the 2000s.

COGA Committee Christmas 2014

Corran Old Girls Association Committee members, December 2014

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