Friends of Corran

The Corran Old Girls Association is pleased to present ‘Friends Of Corran’

With the demise of Corran School in 2009, having been absorbed into St Kentigerns, it is rapidly fading from memory for many. We know most of you feel it meant much more than just schooldays and we want to encourage you to keep in touch with your friends made at Corran.

The Old Girls’ Association obviously cannot continue in its present form without further income from past pupils. In order to continue offering our annual Alumni Grant, ongoing funding will be required.

The Corran Family was wide and dedicated, and there’s no reason why this interest should wane. Therefore we have decided to form FRIENDS OF CORRAN. FRIENDS OF CORRAN can be …. old girls, ex teachers, headmistresses – as well as family members – or in fact, anyone who was associated with the school in anyway. If you are a currently a life member of COGA, you are automatically a FRIEND OF CORRAN.

To become a FRIEND OF CORRAN, we ask you for a one-off or annual donation.

Tax receipts can be issued for all donations over $5.

FRIENDS OF CORRAN will be invited to all reunion events in addition to the annual Alumni Grant evening. We hope to expand to include reunions in other cities – or even countries!

Further suggestions for events, ways to fund-raise, locate Corran Old Girls and encourage membership of the FRIENDS OF CORRAN would be most welcome.

If you would like to become a FRIEND OF CORRAN, please complete the form below or email us for a paper copy which you can print and send in

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